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Fire Order Management

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Fire Order Review & Negotiations
If you have received a “Fire Order” or a “Notification of Intention to Issue a Fire Order” from your Local Council or NSW Fire Brigade, it should be acted on immediately to avoid fines or and/or legal notice to vacate the building.

Fire Orders can be extensive processes which can require significant and expensive upgrading. We understand that building owners require significant time to organise and allocate funds for compliance upgrades. We are able to negotiate with the relevant authorities and can extend the works over time. This provides building owners time to plan and adhere to a manageable budget. We are also able to review and negotiate the terms of the fire order, which can also save the owners significant costs.

Specifications & Tendering
Project Guides is adept in all aspects of fire safety.

Project Guides prepares the specifications and organises tenders to reputable contractors to ensure the works are completed correctly and on budget. This encourages competition and adds value for money as we seek the most suitable Contractor for the Fire Order works. Throughout the process, we engage with the Owners on the upgrading requirements and options available, including different solutions that may be available.

On completion, each project receives a complete budget for the whole project allowing for budget forecasting and programs allowing owners to plan for the works in a controlled manner.

Management and Certification of Fire Order
Project Guides will allocate a project manager for your project and each project will be monitored by the Director. We prepare contracts, answer RFI’s (response for information), review variations, review and recommend invoices and conducting site inspections. Throughout the whole process, regular correspondence and meetings with the Strata Manager/Owners are conducted to allow transparency on all our projects.

Reporting is now available via our Client Portal and this is automatically updated allowing our Clients to know exactly where their project is at all times.