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Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)

Building Durable & Sustainable Future

Building Durable & Sustainable Future

Building Durable & Sustainable Future

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    Building Durable & Sustainable Future
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    Building Durable & Sustainable Future
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    Building Durable & Sustainable Future
No matter the issue you are having, Project Guides have the technical knowledge and the management experience to assist with the Contractor or Council and provide direction to resolve the issue.

Project Guides provide management services of the AFSS process to ensure compliance is met and the AFSS is submitted to Council on time.

Project Guides utilises the software afssportal.com.au to manage a large amount of properties. The software provides full transparency to all Strata Managers and Owners and streamlines many of the tasks required such as, automated notices to Contractors, ability to turn quotes into quote requests, online AFSS forms allowing Contractors to sign-off.

Project Guides can provide technical assistance and validate Contractors reports and quotes. This will provide the owners the confidence that the works are required. If the owners are seeking competitive quotes, we have the systems in place to quickly organise these quotes.

Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety)

Project Guides are Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety) for the following:

• Fire doors
• Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
• Fire control centres and rooms
• Smoke detectors and heat detectors
• Fire shutters
• Automatic fire suppression systems
• Warning and operational signs
• Automatic fail-safe devices
• Smoke dampers
• Fire hydrant systems
• Smoke alarms and heat alarms
• Division 7 Miscellaneous fire safety offences
• Wall-wetting sprinkler and drencher systems
• Lightweight construction
• Portable fire extinguishers
• Fire seals protecting openings in fire-resisting components
• Solid core doors
• Emergency planning
• Standby power systems
• Smoke and heat vents
• Emergency lighting
• Mechanical air handling system (e.g. pressurisation systems)
• Fire dampers
• Fire hose reel systems
• Automatic fire detection and alarm system
• Exit signs
• Smoke doors
• Safety curtains in proscenium openings
• Emergency lifts
• Perimeter vehicle access for emergency vehicles
• Fire alarm monitoring
• Access panels, doors and hoppers to fire-resisting shafts
• Fire windows