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Project Guides aspires to deliver quick, accurate, transparent and affordable Building Consultancy and Project Management services to Strata Managers, Building Managers and Building Owners on matters such as Fire Order Upgrades, Annual Fire Safety Statement’s, Combustible Cladding and Building Upgrades/Defects.
Our team are qualified Building Consultants, Project Managers and Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety) and can provide services from initial consultancy, tendering, managing and certifying the works.

What sets us apart?

With our experience in the industry, we know that keeping our clients informed at all stages is of the upmost importance. We believe in being proactive, innovative and therefore we have developed an advanced communication system for keeping our clients informed at all times. ​

Our management software is online and available to all owners through a private Client Portal providing full transparency of all projects and documents, at all times.
If you would like to know more, we would be happy to have a chat about how we can help.


Building Regulation Consultants
Project Guides are qualified Building Consultants providing services to existing buildings on matters such as Fire Order Upgrades, Annual Fire Safety Statement’s and Combustible Cladding. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in working on existing buildings, as well as being able to fully inform and educate our clients on current code specifications of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), National Construction Code (NCC) and the Australian Standards.
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Fire Order Management
Project Guides have the technical knowledge and the management experience to assist owners on all stages of the Fire Order. We conduct an initial review of the Fire Order to determine if there are other cost-effective solutions, prepare specifications, tender, manage and certify the works.

Our management allows our clients to be confident that the works are being completed correctly, high quality with your budget in mind. Reporting is available at all times and automatically updated via our Client Portal.
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Remedial Building Works
Project Guides provide project management services for owners looking to update their buildings. Whether you are looking to refurbish your common areas, update your balustrades or provide a paint to your common areas, Project Guides can provide tendering and management services.

Our management allows our clients to be confident that the works are being completed correctly, high quality with your budget in mind. Reporting is available at all times and automatically updated via our Client Portal.
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AFSS Consultant & Management
Project Guides can manage the AFSS process on behalf of the owners. We liaise with the Contractors, review reports and quotes from the Contractors and we use the software to manage the process, which provides our clients with transparency throughout the whole process.

Is your Fire Contractor’s quote too high, report/certification being sent too late or you require some technical assistance?

Project Guides can complete building inspections, peer-review reports and quotes from your maintenance contractors, organise competitive quotes and provide general assistance to help improve efficiency.

Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety)
Project Guides are Accredited Practitioners and can certify and sign-off all Statutory Fire Safety Measures.
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Building Defect Management
Project Guides investigates building defects, develop cost-effective solutions, prepare remedial specifications, tender and manage the repairs for various construction works to ensure all defects are managed and meet current code guidelines under the BCA and Australian Standards.

Whether it be concrete cancer, waterproofing, painting, balustrade replacement or balcony repairs, Project Guides can manage the project from the initial inspections to the completion of the project.
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Combustible Cladding
Following the devastating fire at the Grenfell Tower in London in 2017 and the tragic fire at the Lacrosse Building in Melbourne in 2014, new laws have been introduced for buildings with combustible cladding.

If you have a building which has been found to have combustible cladding, Project Guides can assist by providing cost-effective options, preparing specifications, tendering and managing the replacement of the cladding.

By engaging Project Guides, you will have the confidence that all options have been considered and the proper tendering process has been completed to appoint a contractor.
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“ As a strata manager, I like to provide the best possible service to my clients.  Unfortunately I don't have the time (or expertise) to do everything they need, especially when it comes to being a presence onsite during a major project, to deal with builder's variations or access arrangements, or provide recommendations to my clients on the various matters that go to them for a decision during major works.  Luckily, several of my owners corporations have chosen to engage Project Guides to manage their major works projects.  I've worked with Project Guides across numerous sites now, on projects including waterproofing, remedial building, issues with essential services and combustible cladding.  Project Guides are excellent at what they do and more economical for an owners corporation already spending a lot of money on major works compared to engaging an engineer to do the same work.  If you have major works that you're undertaking and need an expert to guide the project, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Project Guides. ”

Joanne Jenkins
Strata Sense

“ Project Guides have been assisting us for several years for complex AFSS’s issues and Council Fire Order’s.

Project Guides have been engaged to manage multiple Fire Order’s throughout Sydney. Vincent has shown great knowledge and understanding and this has been demonstrated with concise specifications and tendering, transparent and regular reporting. On several occasions, Vincent has been able to provide different solutions to the Owners, which has provided well-needed cost savings.

Project Guides have also provided on-going assistance to our Compliance Manager for difficult and complex Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS’s). Vincent is always quick to respond with clear information that allows us to move quickly with any urgent works.

We have appreciated the help and we look forward to our Companies continuing to work together. ”

Michael Vumbaca
Jamesons Strata Management

“ As a strata manager we are always faced with complex matters that arise when having to deal with specialist fire orders and compliance in a timely manner. We have found Vincent a pleasure to work with, polite, efficient and detailed in the advice, reporting and instructions provided to contractors that he is project managing. His ability to resolve disputes and the quality of his consultative approach on behalf of owners corporations are of a high quality. We won’t hesitate to recommend Vincent for any future works. ”

Fady Abdel-Ahad
Whelan Property Group

“ I’ve worked with Vince from Project Guides on multiple projects over many years and have found his approach very methodical and efficiently handled. I’ve received feedback from clients who found Vince to be as I know him, which is very friendly, knowledgeable and precise. This has gone a long way with my clients as it reassures them that we got the right person for the job. As such I would highly recommend using his services. ”

Joshua Moses
GK Strata Management

“ During my role as a Strata Manager, Vince Graham was the Project Manager for several large-scale building fire upgrade works ordered by the Council. Vince was amazing and always available when we needed help or advice. His reports were thorough and professional and he always went above and beyond to accommodate the Committee. ”

Johanna Gaynor
Fresh Strata

“ Vince successfully managed a project for our block of six units. This was the implementation of a Fire Order required by our Local Council. There was a substantial list of remedial measures needed requiring different trade skills and of varying complexity. Vince scoped the work, obtained quotes, recommended contractors based on these quotes, managed the work, fully documented the work that had been done and gained Council approval that the Fire Order had been satisfactorily executed.
The Fire Order may have required us to install a fire hydrant in our drive because of the distance of the property from the one in the street. This would have been both costly and disruptive. Vince was able to demonstrate that the pressure was sufficient in the hydrant in the street if the fire brigade used an extra hose length and we installed signage to alert them that this was needed. He got this approach approved by both the fire brigade and the council.
Vince is very organised and responsive and pays great attention to detail. At the personal level he is good and easy to work with. I'd certainly consider him again to manage a similar project. ”

Resident of North Sydney Council

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